How to handle God’s audacious vision for humanity

21 February 2017
I’ve recently been rediscovering how truly audacious the biblical vision for humanity is. According to even a cursory reading of the scriptures, humanity is made in the image of God, given charge of the entire world, and called to participate with God in his ongoing acts of creation. In the New Testament, this is amplified even further, to the point where humans are reigning with Christ, defeatin ... (More)

Mormons Building Bridges Retreat

21 February 2017
(Image Credit: recently attended a Mormons Building Bridges Contemplative Retreat in Sundance, Utah. Attendees were asked to participate in introspective questioning and sharing about gender identity and sexual orientation in relation to LDS policy and Mormon theology. The retreat started in a large group of roughly 20 people, followed by breakout sessions of seven people, d ... (More)

In Conversation with Swami Suparnananda Maharaj

19 February 2017
Swami Suparnananda Maharaj, Honorary Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, India, bestowed upon the India Awakens…Continue reading on Turing Church » ... (More)

A super toy model for scientific theology

16 February 2017
This is a summary of my last posts on a developing super toy model for scientific theology. “Super” because it’s totally awesome ;-), but…Continue reading on Turing Church » ... (More)

Ralph Abraham: The Quantum Akasha

15 February 2017
Renowned mathematician and thinker Ralph Abraham contributed to the India Awakens Conference with a video talk titled “The Quantum Akasha…Continue reading on Turing Church » ... (More)

Human Fragility: a transhumanist love poem

14 February 2017
(Image Credit: Embrace by Agnes Cecile)Stuck in human fragility—leaving me to my vulnerability.Love without expression.And prayer without truthful lips.Stricken with feelings that we hide,I mourn the loss of a love that hasn’t been,but could be.How could this body hold my love and rage?Please. Stop!Don’t turn the page.Pull my body into your embrace.Breathe in my essence,intersecting and inter ... (More)

Why the Lego Batman Movie might Save Civilization

13 February 2017
The other day I saw The Lego Batman Movie, a great addition to both the Batman movie franchise, and the Lego movie franchise. It had action, adventure, drama, romance—and more cameos from familiar good guys, bad guys, and ambiguous guys than you can shake a stick at. When the first Lego Movie came out, I wrote about its deep theology. Now, I want to tell you why the Lego Batman Movie may save civ ... (More)

India Awakens Conference: Video proceedings

13 February 2017
I am pleased and honored to present the video proceedings of the online India Awakens Conference, a milestone pre-event to the main…Continue reading on Turing Church » ... (More)

India Awakens Conference: Welcome

12 February 2017
সবারে করি আহ্বান —Continue reading on Turing Church » ... (More)

What would you have done?

07 February 2017
I’ve spent my entire life wondering what I would do at certain junctures in history. Would I have followed Jesus—or stood with the Pharisees? Would I have worked against slavery—or argued that it was a necessary evil? Would I have opposed the Nazis, or sat by while they carted away my Jewish neighbors? The more I’ve thought about it, the more it’s clear to me that I have no way of knowing ... (More)
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