21 March 2017
I love my mother very much. She taught me so much that I’m not even sure she is aware of. I remember her saying often, “never be afraid to stand up for what you believe”, “follow your gut”, “a phone call home will save you a hell of a lot of trouble”, “there’s nothing more important than your education”, “don’t lose your faith in God”, and my personal favorite, “you don ... (More)

LDS Church Has No Official Position on Human Evolution

21 March 2017
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the largest Mormon denomination, has no official position on human evolution. This should be repeated and emphasized, in part because the LDS Church has not done much to ensure this non-position is communicated to its members. Consequently, for many years, extending well before the beginning of my own life, many members have claimed that ... (More)

How to Read Scripture

17 March 2017
Reading scripture is meant to be hard. I don’t mean that it has to be tedious or boring or anger-inducing or something like that. I mean that the meaning is not just floating on the surface, waiting to be scooped off like so much pond scum. No, the meaning is deep and immersive, and you can’t get to it unless you fall in. When it is soaking you, when it is filling every pore, then you may start ... (More)

A Vision for Mormon Transhumanism

11 March 2017
I envision the role of Mormon Transhumanism in context of an analogy.Two thousand five hundred years ago, humanity was evolving into a new way of thinking, expressed in part by transition away from polytheism. Zarathustra’s teachings had spread throughout most of the civilized world, and the Persian Empire governed nearly half of humanity. In the heart of the empire, a small religion was coming t ... (More)

Quantum consciousness, quantum mysticism, and transhumanist engineering

07 March 2017
Quantum consciousness research and “quantum mysticism” speculations are considered as weird & cranky “pseudoscience” by the bureaucrats of…Continue reading on Turing Church » ... (More)

A Child’s Prayer

05 March 2017
(Image Credit)There are times at church I can’t bring myself to choke out another male pronoun. I would attempt to sing the hymns, but I could only mouth the lyrics in silence. I couldn’t even say His name. It felt dishonest to sing praises to His name, yet the silence of my praise felt equally dishonest.Some time ago, I can’t say for sure when, I began substituting male deity pronouns for fe ... (More)

Wireheading, Faith Healing, and Why the Placebo Effect is the Most Important Thing in the World

01 March 2017
If you could flip a switch and experience more pleasure than you have ever felt in your entire life—would you do it? What if that switch also made you feel incredibly happy and joyful? What if it made you feel contented and successful and accomplished and creative? What if that switch made you feel loved? It would be hard to resist flipping that switch, almost by definition. We’re wired to seek ... (More)

Living space culture: Black sky thinker Rachel Armstrong

01 March 2017
This post is inspired by ongoing developments in space and by the ideas of Rachel Armstrong, a “black sky thinker” and the main author of…Continue reading on Turing Church » ... (More)

How to handle God’s audacious vision for humanity

21 February 2017
I’ve recently been rediscovering how truly audacious the biblical vision for humanity is. According to even a cursory reading of the scriptures, humanity is made in the image of God, given charge of the entire world, and called to participate with God in his ongoing acts of creation. In the New Testament, this is amplified even further, to the point where humans are reigning with Christ, defeatin ... (More)

Mormons Building Bridges Retreat

21 February 2017
(Image Credit: recently attended a Mormons Building Bridges Contemplative Retreat in Sundance, Utah. Attendees were asked to participate in introspective questioning and sharing about gender identity and sexual orientation in relation to LDS policy and Mormon theology. The retreat started in a large group of roughly 20 people, followed by breakout sessions of seven people, d ... (More)
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