We use a lot of terminology and technical terms that may be unfamiliar to you. Here are some simple ways to learn more about what transhumanism is, and how it can work with religious beliefs. You can also use these primers to start a conversation with your friends or family.


What is Mormon Transhumanism?

Mormon teachings about humans becoming gods connect with transhumanist ideas about using technology to enhance the human condition. Mormon Transhumanism embraces science and religion to work toward these corresponding aims.


What is the purpose of the Mormon Transhumanist Association?

The Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA) approaches transhumanism and theosis as active, not passive work. The Mormon Transhumanist Affirmation expresses this approach.


Humanity+ and the Transhumanist Declaration

Transhumanists advocate for people actively working to address risks and realize the opportunities of technological advancement. The Transhumanist Declaration expresses these intentions.


Exponential Change

Humans usually think in terms of linear growth, but technological development is following an exponential curve. In order to prepare for the future, we need to learn to recognize exponential growth.


Implications of exponential technological trends for humanity

The trend of technological development suggests that humans are on an accelerating path toward posthumanity. We should carefully consider this possibility and its implications.


A brief history of religious transhumanism

Today most self-identified Transhumanists are secular , but transhumanist origins actually extend back to religious Humanism .


What is the role of Christ in transhumanism?

Jesus' invitation to his followers to join him is compatible with transhumanist aims to overcome human shortcomings.