Volunteers are the lifeblood of the MTA. You are what makes everything happen! Those who donate generously of their time (at least 25 hours a year, or 2-3 hours a month) receive the following benefits:

  • a complimentary ticket to the annual conference after-event

  • an exclusive invitation to an annual volunteers-only thank you event with a special guest speaker (will be live broadcast to those outside Utah)

  • recognition on our website and at the annual conference

All conference positions that successfully complete their assignment also receive complimentary entrance to the conference, including lunch.

Available positions are listed here and will be updated regularly (last updated 1/1/2019). When you’re ready to apply for a position, click here. If you have any questions about volunteering with the MTA, please email michaelann.bradley@transfigurism.org.


Chief Legal Officer

Administer the annual board elections; serve as legal advisor on an as-needed basis.
Time requirement: less than 1 hour per month

Chief Financial Officer/TREASURER

Assist CEO in compiling quarterly budgets, running Quickbooks reports before board meetings, or other finance-related projects. Admin support for this position provided by the organization’s executive assistant.
Time requirement: 1-3 hours/month


Chief Operations Officer

Decide on conference priorities and strategy together with the CEO; coordinate, motivate, and track conference volunteers and community building volunteers
Time requirement: 1-3 hours a month, more during conference season (Jan - April)


Attend our annual booth at Sunstone and other conferences (per your availability) to talk about the MTA.
Time requirement: variable

UTAH VALLEY Meetup Manager

Recruit a volunteer to lead the meetup discussion each month; ensure that the meetup topic and location is advertised.
Time requirement: less than 1 hour per month.

Digital Outreach

Chief Marketing Officer

Decide on digital outreach priorities and strategy together with the CEO; coordinate, motivate, and track digital outreach volunteers.
Time requirement: 1-3 hours/month

Social media specialist—Facebook (2 needed)

Post as needed to the Facebook page, including re-using archived conference videos, blogs, and Instagram content.
Time requirement: 1-3 hours/month

Social media specialist—Instagram (2 needed)

Choose beautiful photos and write short-form essays on MTA topics, including re-using archived conference videos.
Time requirement: 3-4 hours/month

Social media specialist—Twitter (2 needed)

Tweet out interesting thoughts on MTA topics including re-using archived conference videos; and (most importantly) engage with others on Twitter to build our audience
Time requirement: 3-4 hours/month

Social media specialist/blogger—Medium (4-6 needed)

Write long-form essays on MTA topics; engage with commenters; engage with other Medium writers to build our audience.
Time requirement: 1-3 hours/month

Facebook Group Moderator (2-4 needed)

Help draft rules of conduct; monitor group for problem areas; foster meaningful discussion on MTA topics.
Time requirement: 1-2 hours/month


Time requirement for all conference positions: on an as-needed basis from January - April. Less than 1 hour/week projected for most positions.

Conference Liaison

Support the keynote speakers' arrival (e.g. pick up from airport if needed); assist in coordinate housing for other conference guests with local members

Conference Promoter

Distribute conference posters; engage with like-minded Facebook groups and pages and ask them to post about the conference

Conference Social Media SPECIALIST

Post on our social media channels about the conference; take pictures and capture pull quotes at the conference and post to social media

Conference Sponsorships Coordinator

Write a list of benefits for sponsoring the conference; email or call potential sponsors and ask if they would sponsor

Conference Welcomer

Manage ticketing and check in for the conference.


Membership and Humanitarian Committee

Provide the Membership and Humanitarian Director with ideas, input, and feedback on what projects we should take on that would appeal to the membership. Support the Membership and Humanitarian director in execution -- sending emails, researching, creating flyers, etc. as needed.
Time requirement: less than 1 hour per month