about 5 hours ago
In the last few years, a number of different organizations have launched projects to end aging and radically extend human longevity. Google’s Calico Labs is perhaps the most well-known effort, followed by Aubrey De Grey ... (More)
2 days ago
(Image credit)I stood on the edge of the cliff.Salty sea air bushed across my skin.My lover by my side.His wings spread wide with confidence,then he jumped.I watched and smiled in delight,light reflected off his wings,as ... (More)
5 days ago
Christianity is the assertion that love is the most powerful force in the universe. Of course, when we talk about love, all kinds of ideas come to mind, from romance to hippies to powerful feelings about ice cream. (And b ... (More)
07 Jan 2017
Implicitly, I’ve been a Transhumanist since childhood. My Mormon parents taught me, from before my earliest memories, that we are all children of God with potential to be God. And not just any kind of god. Not the kind ... (More)
03 Jan 2017
This Fall I taught a Bible class at my local church, along with Kyle Creamer, Nate Underwood, Emily Stutzman Jones (Lipscomb’s Director of Sustainability), Rob Touchstone (founder of the Well Coffeehouse), Tim Catchim ( ... (More)
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3 April 2015 by members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association and others at the Salt Lake City Public Library
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