about 6 hours ago
A couple years back I read two crosscurrent studies on the controversial nature of morality. One book was by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt titled The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religi ... (More)
about 16 hours ago
I am convinced that the Book of Mormon has a way of imparting profound commentaries on our social lives. I have found this to be true whether we view its stories as spurious fiction or historical fact. Mythology, after al ... (More)
about 19 hours ago
The Mormon authoritative tradition clearly and repeatedly advocates the kind of love that would reconcile desires. As usual, Jesus sets the precedent, expressing his love as an act of reconciliation and inviting us to ask ... (More)
1 day ago
Perhaps everything that ever happens, including our thoughts and memories, is stored in permanent “Akashic records,” a cosmic memory field hidden in yet unknown aspects of reality. In “Esoteric Buddhism” ( ... (More)
3 days ago
As an active member of the Mormon faith for over thirty-three years, I have long been impressed with the words of prophets and apostles. My life unduly has been richly blessed by their counsel and teachings. I have grown ... (More)
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