Board of Directors

Blaire Ostler

Blaire Ostler


Blaire Ostler is one of the leading voices on the intersections of Mormonism, feminism, and transhumanism. She presents and writes on many forums, and speaks at conferences promoting Mormon Transhumanist ideals. Blaire holds a BFA in Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology-Seattle. She is pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in philosophy with an emphasis in gender studies. She is passionate about esthetics, religion, human sexuality, queer theory, social philosophy, and art. She and husband Drew reside in Utah with their three children.

Carl Youngblood linkedin

Carl Youngblood

Director and Vice President

Carl has worked as a software engineer for over eighteen years, and is currently employed by Podium in Provo, UT. Carl served a mission in Londrina, Brazil from 1994-96. He received a BA in Portuguese with a music minor from Brigham Young University and an MS in computer science from the University of Washington. He and his family enjoy traveling, and recently spent a number of years working in Norway and England. Carl is especially interested in religious adaptations to secularism, and the theological hermeneutic of demythologization. He also enjoys the performing arts.

Chris Bradford linkedin

Chris Bradford

Director and President

Chris was born in Utah, but soon moved to Washington DC and then overseas for his father's employment. He has lived in Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Pakistan and Italy, where he served an LDS mission. A self-taught programmer, he manages social & mobile development at He has a degree from Brigham Young University in linguistics. Chris and wife Lucy have five sons and three daughters. Chris is passionate about science, technology, religion, philosophy, and the performing arts.

Don Bradley

Don Bradley


Don Bradley is a historian specializing in Joseph Smith and Mormon scripture. Don holds a BA in History from Brigham Young University, and is finalizing his MA in History at Utah State. His writings include "'The Grand Fundamental Principles of Mormonism': Joseph Smith's Unfinished Reformation" and "The Lost 116 Pages: Rediscovering the Book of Lehi" (forthcoming). Don has a passion for exploration and discovery, is a single dad, and describes himself as "an individualist in the service of a community."

Dorothy Deasy linkedin

Dorothy Deasy

Director and Secretary

Dorothy Deasy is a freelance design researcher specializing in strategic qualitative projects for new product development and branding. A Christian Existentialist and a Methodist, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a Masters of Applied Theology. She is developing a Spiritual Direction practice, with an emphasis on theology for a transhuman age. Dorothy is an occasional contributor for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

Drew Ostler linkedin

Drew Ostler


Drew Ostler was born and raised in the Bay Area where he developed a love for education, sports, STEM, and Mormonism. He served an LDS mission to Rome, Italy and holds a BA in Marketing and MBA from BYU. He has extensive experience in risk management, consulting, financial modeling, and strategic analysis with such companies as LANDESK, State Farm, Domo, Real Salt Lake, and Disney. Drew resides in Utah with wife Blaire and their three children.

Joseph West

Joseph West


Joseph is a PhD candidate in the department of sociology at the University of Arizona. He received a Bachelors of Science degree in Philosophy from the University of Utah in 2007, and a Masters of Arts in Sociology from The University of Arizona in 2010. The primary thrust of his research focuses on religion, social networks, culture and social movement mobilization. He also has peripheral research interests in the sociology of science. Joseph is a single dad of two children.

Lincoln Cannon linkedin

Lincoln Cannon


Lincoln Cannon is a technologist and philosopher. He has over seventeen years of professional experience in information technology, including leadership roles in software engineering and marketing technology. Lincoln is a leading advocate of technological evolution and postsecular religion, and holds degrees in business administration and philosophy. He is married with Dorothée Vankrieckenge, a French national, and they have three bilingual children.

Nathan Hadfield linkedin

Nathan Hadfield


Nathan is a founding partner at MacsDesign Studio, a software company specializing in service management solutions. After receiving a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University in 1999, he worked as a software engineer at Motorola and as a technical instructor and curriculum developer at BroadVision. He served a mission for the LDS Church in Los Angeles. Nathan and wife Molly have two energetic little boys, and he currently serves as scoutmaster for his ward in Provo, Utah.

Wendy Smith linkedin

Wendy Smith


Wendy holds a BA in Economics and has built her career as a Mortgage Broker over the past 12 years. She is passionate about human rights and advancement, and is active in local politics and her community. Wendy loves travel, the outdoors and co-parenting freethinkers with her husband, Chad. Together they reside in Draper, Utah with their two daughters, Kathryn and Olivia, who attend a French Dual-Immersion school.